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Behind confident code

Dec 19, 2018 - Reading time: 5 min

The site is a product of a new year's resolution I made in 2017. And FINALLY it is live!
The blog will mainly be my personal journal where I write about my experiences in the tech world. Experiences both as a hobby developer, but also as a tech professional.

I wanted a place where I can document my progress as a developer and improve my writing. In time confidentcode will also serve the purpose of a lookup tool.
I do not write for anyone but myself, but I do know that I improve the stickiness of my learning by writing about it. Writing is one thing, but also thinking about what I did and write up a small guide which I can reference later, hopefully helps me in the long run. It might even improve my communication skills.
If a post, guide or resource I make can help someone solve a problem they are facing, then it is a double bonus.

About me

I am Charli, a tech professional located in Denmark.
I am by no means a good developer. I don't even write code for a living. I do think that it is important to know how everything works under the hood. So my passion for programming is moved by curiosity.

During my tech career i'v had jobs as IT project manager, on the contractor side. I have worked as a developer, mainly freelance. I have even done some teaching too. My current job is some kind of hybrid, where I in a CTO position take on sereval different roles. I am in charge of operations, but it only takes up 20%-30% of my daily work. I spend a lot of time on data analysis, business development, IT security and general innovation.
One of my KPIs when I started this job was to turn the company in a more data-driven direction.
I follow the data analyst area closely and try develop my skills further.
Hopefully I get the time to take a deeper dive into Machine Learning as a developer and not only a consumer.

Site structure and content

The site is divided into three parts; blog, guides and resources. The main topics are of course tech and programming. The main focus will be on ruby and ruby on rails, but I hope to get time to take some deep dives into other topics, like react, nodejs and vue. Maybe even native app development.

The blog part will contain blog posts where the topics will vary.

They will usually either document some learning progress, discuss a problem or just plain philosophical about something that takes up space in my head. It could be thoughts about "how to tackle the imposter syndrome". Or "bridging the tutorial / junior-developer gap".

The guides are small "how to" guides that I mainly create for myself. An example could be "How to setup a custom domain with heroku, namecheap and cloudflare."
Simply a step by step guide on how to do stuff. I will use it as a reference tool for myself and if you find a guide useful, then I am just happy.

If you face a problem that is giving you a headache, feel free to write me and i'll try to make a guide about that.

Last is the resource part. It contains a list and sometimes a review of good resources I meet on my way. It is always a good idea to give credit to all the people who contribute to the community.
It has never been easier to learn to code that it is right now.

How is it made

The site is build in ruby on rails. I enjoy ruby programming and the rails frameworks is a perfect fit to me.

When you look at the design, you might think that I don't have a bright future as a designer. If you read my writing you might also judge me based on gramma and typos.
Side-projects are way to often stranded midway during an endless quest reaching perfection.

I don't want neither blogposts, design or anything else to be perfect.

I do worry about load-speed, SEO and general optimization. So you will see a guide under the guides section on how to optimize your rails app. That goes both for load-time, SEO and general best practices.