Charli Bregnballe

Charli Bregnballe

I was born in 1984, years before the internet became mainstream. Back then, before I got some kind of modem, I remember playing games on an Amiga500 with my brother, until we eventually got our first PC which we later to the internet. That is where my journey started. During the last few years, I have had a wide range of different roles in various IT projects. Everything from developer & project leader to client, and the in-between data analyst. At I am Head of IT and in charge of development and operations, where the role of technical generalist suits me well. I thrive in a dynamic environment between problems or needs and IT/tech solutions. I contribute the most when I am paired with specialists in their field, whether it is within IT or an entirely different area of expertise. Sharing my knowledge and know-how in talks, articles and general dissemination is something I enjoy. The managing role is a great fit for me since it's natural for me to take responsibility within my domain, but I also take pride in working as a specialist.

Timeline section

Head of Development -

I recently changed jobs to Novicell, where I am a manager of 10 developers in the PHP department. We mainly work with Drupal with a wide range of different clients.

Head of IT -

At I am in charge of the operation and development of Denmarks biggest movie and cinema site, a top ~15 biggest sites in DK, with 7-9 million pageviews per month. One of my personal areas of focus has been to make a shift to more data-informed decision-making, both in daily work and in the innovation process. During my time at Kino, I've implemented several initiatives, to help the editors make better decisions, and also improve marketing with key insights and analysis. My main priority has of course been running and developing, everything from data analyzing, SEO, strategy, IT security, marketing, and general maintenance. With the responsibility for the IT budget, I try to maximize the value for money by diving deep into the different areas of development.

Some of the projects I've made during my time at Kino:

IT Project Manager at Public A/S

At Public, I was responsible for a range of clients and their web applications. Usually developed in either Episerver CMS or sometimes WordPress. The development department was located in the Philippines. It was very short employment where I was laid off due to restructuring of the company and shutting down of the IT/development part of the business.

IT Project Manager at Kunde & Co / E-Bureauet

I started working as an IT Project Manager for E-Bureauet after a successful internship in my 9th semester at University. I ended up writing my master's thesis while working. At E-Bureauet I made my debut as a project manager in a professional organization. I realized after a few months that my main struggle was communication with the developers. E-Bureauet had outsourced all their development to the Philippines. After some time with a few different ups and downs, I figured out that this could be the subject of my master's thesis. So I decided to write about "Project Managing of outsourced teams". I left Denmark and spend some months in the Philippines, working and writing.

I enjoyed working at E-Bureauet and learned a lot in the process. I used to be someone people listened to, but I quickly realized that in a big company, people are rarely interested in the junior project managers taking on things. Luckily I had a great boss in Carsten Düring, who both listened to my ideas and helped me improve. Note; E-Bureauet is Kunde & Co's development department.

Graduated from Aarhus University - Digital Design (

A degree in Digital Design is a strange choice since design-skill is a skill you won't find on my cv. I realized that I was drawn to the more technical elements and I started programming in my time off. During my time at University, I often found myself in positions where I would take a lot of responsibility and push things forward. I would often swap roles depending on where the group had a hole. Rarely as the designer though, since I was surrounded by designers who were better than me. I enjoyed working with creative people, both developers, UXers, designers, and so on. I would find myself as the glue that would make the different parts stick together. Often I would be the "public face" of the group or project. I always enjoyed doing talks, presentations, and being on stage. I ended up as some kind of technical generalist, with problem-solving as my main skill. The most important skill I acquired from university was the take on how to meet challenges head-on without necessarily having a solution right away. So working through the problem and eventually ending up with a solution is a natural process for me.

IKT & AMG at Aarhus University

I had this job during my time at the university. It was a great student job, where I got to work both with corporate IT, IT support, and teaching. I was given the opportunity to hold a range of courses for first-year students, where I would do an introduction to InDesign, Photoshop, and basic programming. I quickly realized that I enjoyed teaching and I experimented with both how I was teaching and the content. It was clear that humor was a great tool and I used it greatly to my advantage. It would help me get a casual learning environment, where the students freely were asking questions, but also keep them focused and motivated, without it being frivolous. I made sure the courses were everything else than boring :)

Nov 2011 - Aug 2012 : Co Founder at Natrabat

In the period when the deal sites were new and quickly gained traction, I started a small company with two friends. The company was called Netrabat and the concept was pretty simple; Good deals on drinks and/or entry tickets for concerts or clubs. We tried to target young people through a platform where bars and venues could advertise their events. Users were able to purchase "discount tickets" to the different venues, which would help the venues get customers.

The platform was a well designed webshop built in magento.

List of skills

- Problem Solving!

- Product Development

- Management

- Leading Development

- Project Management

- Talks/Presentations

- Data Analysing

- Digital Strategy


- Ruby

- Ruby on Rails

- Javascript

- React

- React Native

- Machine Learning